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What is Reclub?

Reclub is an exciting new iOS and Android app that allows you to find players, teammates, or sport coaches and trainers, and organize sport meets in your area, in any sports. We are comprised of passionate sport-heads building an active community for sporty people to come together. Let’s get out and play!

Is Reclub available in my city?

Reclub is available for download in all major cities in the US and Vietnam. We will be rolling out to more world cities soon.

Is Reclub safe?

Privacy is our highest priority. Reclub securely stores all information and doesn’t share it with anyone. When it comes to meeting up with new players and communicating outside of the app, we ask users to please exercise caution as you would any other time. Do not share sensitive or personal information with anyone else. Help keep Reclub a safe and supportive community. There’s no place in Reclub for unsportsmanlike behavior, period.

How can I find other players?

You can find other players through the players pane of the community tab. The players are separated by categories such as who are the new members and who have been recently active. You can also search for players using the search bar the top of the community tab.

What sports are available?

We currently support the following sports: Basketball, Tennis, Badminton, Fitness (gym, spin, yoga, dance, etc.), Table Tennis, Dodgeball, Ultimate Frisbee, and Football (Soccer).

Does the Reclub app cost anything to use?

Reclub is an absolutely 100% free to join service connecting players, teammates and coaches all over the world.

Who should I contact to discuss partnership opportunities with Reclub?

If you have a love for the game AND a good idea regarding partnering with Reclub - let’s get in touch. Email us at

I’m a coach, how do I promote my services?

Reclub are always on the lookout for dedicated, knowledgeable coaches who really want to help our community grow and thrive. Coaches are one of the cornerstones of Reclub, and helping players improve and enjoy is one of our main goals. If you’d like to utilize Reclub as a coach, get in touch with us at

I run a team/fitness class, how do I get the word out?

We’d love to work together to promote your activity! Drop us an email at if you are a sports organizer or currently run your own classes.

How do I refer my friends?

At launch, there are five core sports available: Basketball, Tennis, Fitness (gym, spin, yoga, dance, etc.), Ultimate Frisbee, and Dodgeball. If you’re a golfer, soccer player, or squash enthusiast, you can suggest and request sports and matchups in our suggestions platform. Anyone up for badminton?


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