Our Charter

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Flag Football Tournament

Reclub, a public benefit corporation1, is on a mission to unite the global sports community.

We strive to create a platform free and accessible for everyday athletes of the world who need a better way to organize.

We define our success by the number of active sports communities we can support, not just our profitability.

1Public Benefit Corporations (PBC) are for-profit entities that are legally obligated and commited to consider societal impact in their decision making.

Our charter below outlines our mission, vision and commitments we make to our athletes to support sports communities globally.

Uniting the Global Sports Community

We all come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Reclub believes that sports have the power to unite, regardless of your story. And when you’re a part of a team, a club, a unit, it’s a special kind of feeling.

Improving the Body + Mind for Athletes

Run, jump, kick, throw, swing. Sports activates the whole body. Some play because they love the game, some play because they love to sweat. We encourage everyone to get out there, run around, get moving for a better and healthier you.

Community of Fun

When people get together, good things happen. The comradery of playing on a team, sharing a common goal, celebrating victories and consoling in defeat are what drives us to play. Let’s all go play some games, have some fun + make good friends along the way.

For the Love of the Game

Sports are beautiful. Something as simple as running, jumping, kicking or throwing can be made into a game. Sports doesn’t care where you’re from, how big or tall, rich or poor, skilled or not. Sports can be played alone, but we happen to think they’re better when you play with others.

“Team generator, managing pickup games, competition and the stat features make organizing our sports club so easy!”

- Julian, President, VFFL

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“Reclub has solved a huge pain of match coordination and team structuring. The platform is simple and saves us a lot of time.”

- Ethan, Head of League Operations, SFFA

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