Reclub takes the pain of match coordination and team structuring away.

— Ethan
Head of League Operations, Singapore Flag Football Association


Ethan Andrianos is Head of Operations of Singapore Flag Football Association (SFFA), an officially incorporated flag football club recognized by the Singapore government. Their mission is to introduce flag football to the local sports community and provide a legitimate flag football experience for its members.

An Uphill Battle

Ethan’s role is to ensure the operation runs smoothly and the club provides material to the governing body to maintain its incorporation. Previously, SFFA was organized through multiple channels. Messenger for communications, website for registration, excel for Competitions, pen + paper for stat tracking. This created too many processes that weren’t streamlined and a large headcount to manage it all.

Comeback Kids

With the pandemic in full swing and games on hold, it allowed SFFA to reset and re-evaluate. Ethan + SFFA searched to find an all-in-one tool that helped them with key aspects of team management, club organization and reporting all the while being easy for the players to adapt.

Calling an Audible

Enter Reclub. Once Ethan discovered Reclub, it was a game changer. He was able to organize SFFA all in one platform. He is able to manage schedules, assign teams, competitions, stat-tracking and communications. You name it, it is in Reclub.

for Victory

Reclub took SFFA’s game to the next level. SFFA’s leaders are able to manage quicker and easier with less overhead; spend less time on admin work and focus more on the field. The players loved Reclub too. The stats, standings, Kudos and being able to play other sports in the city got them fired up. They went from, “oh another app” to “why didn’t we use Reclub sooner!”

Features Used

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